Best 10 Heroes of the Storm Youtube Channels

Heroes of the Storm is a great MOBA video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. In this game, you can play with Blizzard’s most famous characters from Diablo, Warcraft and StarCraft. Even its full version was released in June 2015, Heroes of the Storm has a big audience and millions of players. If you want to be good at Heroes of the Storm,  there are many tips and tricks you need to know. Like any other game, the best way to learn the fundamentals of Heroes of the Storm is watching videos and streams.

In this post, you can find the best 10 Youtube channels for Heroes of the Storm players. Regardless of you are a beginner or a pro in HotS, you can learn a lot of tips and tricks about the game. You can find hero tutorials, map guides, full tournament matches and funny HotS moments in these channels. Please feel free to add your favorite Heroes of the Storm Youtube channel into the comment section.

Heroes of the Storm Official Youtube Channel

heroes of the storm official youtube channel

This one is the official Youtube channel for Heroes of the Storm and it is not a classic boring-official one. You can find the trailers of newest heroes, patch notes, full tournament matches and hottest HotS plays in this channel. For every new hero, they publish a spotlight video and you can learn how to play this new hero in general. Every HotS player should follow this Youtube channel to stay updated.

Click to subscribe to Heroes of the Storm official Youtube channel. Current Subscribers (Oct 2015): 285.663


mfpallytime heroes of the storm youtube channel

MFPallytime is a great Youtube channel for HotS players. When a new hero arrives, MFPallytime publishes detailed gameplay videos for that hero. You can also find “A through Z” hero guides, skin showcase videos, hero strategies and more in this channel. He is a really good HotS player so both beginner and advanced Heroes of the Storm players can learn something from him. If you want to follow him on Twitter too, here is the link.

Click to subscribe to MFPallytime Youtube channel. Current Subscribers (Oct 2015): 143.858


squadron heroes of the storm youtube

In Squadron Youtube channel, there is a dedicated group of Heroes of the Storm players bringing some entertaining and informative HotS videos. There are great daily compilations of HotS fails, top plays and community matches in this channel. You can also find awesome hero guides and tutorials in “Heroes Academy” series designed for the new Heroes of the Storm players. Squadron is very active in Twitch and you can follow them on Twitter too.

Click to subscribe to Squadron Youtube channel. Current Subscribers (Oct 2015): 371.885


khaldor tv hots youtube channel

Thomas “Khaldor “Kilian has been a esports commentator for more than 14 years and he makes great Heroes of the Storm videos in his channel “KhaldorTV”. You should subscribe to his channel for his best play videos, beginner tutorials, quick tips and hero guides. He also presents Heroes of the Storm tournament matches and it is very fun to watch these full-match videos with his comments. You can follow him on Twitter by using this link.

Click to subscribe to KhaldorTV Youtube channel. Current Subscribers (Oct 2015): 63.249

Heroes of the Storm Highlights

heroes of the storm highlights

If you want to watch entertaining videos about Heroes of the Storm, this channel is one of the best you can follow. “Everyday players, WTF plays” is their motto and you can find moments of fun, fail and top plays videos in “Heroes of the Storm Highlights”. It is a very new channel but they are actually planning to bring more series to their audience.  If you had those “WTF” moments in your last game, you can submit replays to them by using this form.

Click to subscribe to Heroes of the Storm Highlights Youtube channel. Current Subscribers (Oct 2015): 47.406


HeroesForecast Youtube channel banner

HeroesForecast is another dedicated Heroes of the Storm Youtube channel. You can find full gameplays of ranked matches, top 5 plays of the week videos, HotS highlights and commentary videos in this channel. There is also a series of  “BOSS Guide” videos for heroes and you can learn how to build and play HotS heroes like a boss. HeroesForecast will start to stream soon and you can follow their Twitch channel here.

Click to subscribe to HeroesForecast Youtube channel. Current Subscribers (Oct 2015): 26.839


getbonkd hots youtube

GetBonkd is an awesome Youtube channel especially for beginner Heroes of the Storm players. You can find patch overviews, meta discussions, hero guides, quick HotS tips and tier lists in GetBonkd’s channel. There are some great videos titled “Road to Rank 1” for heroes and you should definitely watch these in order to improve your gaming in Heroes of the Storm.

Click to subscribe to GetBonkd Youtube channel. Current Subscribers (Oct 2015): 32.983


kendric swissh youtube channel about heroes of the storm

In KendricSwissh’s Youtube channel, you will find both informative and entertaining videos about Heroes of the Storm. I love his video series of “Epic Plays of the Week” because those videos are so amusing to watch. There are also videos for hero league gameplays, HotS tips and hero guides in KendricSwissh’s channel. You can subscribe to his Twitch channel by here and use this link to follow him on Twitter.

Click to subscribe to KendricSwissh Youtube channel. Current Subscribers (Oct 2015): 17.265

Solid Jake

heroes of the storm solid jake

Solid Jake has been working in eSports for over 8 years. If you want to follow Heroes of the Storm tournaments, latest news and heroes highlights, Solid Jake’s channel is a great place to visit. You can also find awesome podcast videos about HotS and these podcasts are both entertaining and educating. I think, every beginner HotS player should follow his “The Daily Quest” video series to learn how to play each hero effectively. Follow him on Twitter too using this link.

Click to subscribe to Solid Jake Youtube channel. Current Subscribers (Oct 2015): 4.237


tetcher reddit hots youtube channel

Tetcher is one of my favorite Heroes of the Storm Youtube channels and i am sure you will love his videos too. Both beginner and advanced HotS players can learn tips and tricks from him. There are awesome video series like “Tetcher Teaches”, “Heavy Meta”, “Hero League With Friends” and “Best of Tetcher”. I promise, you will have lots of fun while watching Tetcher. If you want to follow him on Twitter too, you can use this link.

Click to subscribe to Tetcher Youtube channel. Current Subscribers (Oct 2015): 2.477