6 Video Tutorials to Learn “How to Build a Computer”

When you need a new computer for general purpose, you can just buy a laptop, an all-in-one computer or maybe a tablet PC.  But if you want a stronger, adaptable, upgradeable and a more personal computer, the best thing you can do is building your own PC. If you have no experience with building a computer, you need to learn how to choose PC parts and how to connect them without having problems. There are also many tips and tricks you need to know before building your first PC.

In this post, you can find the 6 best video tutorials to learn “How to Build a Personal Computer“. From choosing PC parts to installing operation system, you can find all the information you need about building a PC. All these videos are prepared by professionals and you should listen their advice in your PC building journey. If you got any questions or you want to add new video tutorials to the list, feel free to comment.

How to Build a PC


Newegg TV made this video for absolute beginners about building a PC. You can learn how to pick PC parts for both Intel and AMD systems, how to prepare for building process and how to connect parts together. Newegg TV’s video is a great guide for beginners and you should definitely watch this detailed tutorial.  There is also a second video about installing the operation system and drivers. Click here to watch the second part of the tutorial.

Beginners Guide: How to Build a Computer


This one is a great video tutorial to learn about building a computer. JayzTwoCents is one of my favorite Youtubers and in this video, he explains all computer building process in details. He builds a gaming computer in this video and if you will build your PC for gaming, you should watch his “How to Overclock a Video Card – Beginners Guide” video too.

How to Build a Computer in 30 minutes


If you want to build your first personal computer in 30 minutes, you will like this video tutorial. Presenter is a computer engineer and EasyPCbuilder’s tutorial is a straightforward video for the building process. He also made a video about installing operation system in 7 easy steps and you can watch it by clicking this link.

6 Essential Tips for First-Time PC Builders


Lifehacker is one of the best websites about how-to topics. They also have a great Youtube channel and Lifehacker’s this video is awesome for anyone who try to build their own computers for first time. You can find useful tips about planning your build, testing it, applying thermal paste, airflow and more important things. If you want to read a text-image version of this video, you can use this link.

5 Important Tips for PC Building


I can’t think a computer building tutorial list not including Linus. He owns some of the best Youtube channels about technology. In this video, he explains us the 5 important tips for PC building. You will learn how to ground yourself, how to apply thermal paste properly, how to setup fans, how to use screwdrivers effectively and how to install RAMs.

Tools for Building a PC


This video is also made by Linus and in this video, you can learn what tools you will need to build your own computer. Check out Linus’s video and see if you have all the required tools for building process. If you want to learn more about computers and technology, you should follow his Youtube channel “Linus Tech Tips“.