7 Steam Controller & Steam Link Reviews from Youtubers

Steam Controller is a unique game controller you can use with a PC or a Steam Machine. Steam Controller is designed to simulate keyboard bindings and mouse movements for any Steam game. It has two software-driven trackpads to replace your mouse and it works better than traditional d-pads or sticks. You can use it for non-Steam games too but the functionality may be very limited. There is also a new product named “Steam Link” to play your Steam games on your TV via streaming. It is a cell-phone-sized streaming machine and it works best with the Steam Controller.

In this post, you can find 7 detailed reviews for Steam Controller and Steam Link. These Youtube channels reviewed both products and played some games with them. If you think about buying a Steam Controller or a Steam Link, you should watch these videos to learn more about this technology. In these videos, there are setup guides, gameplays and reviews for Steam’s new products. Please feel free to use the comment section for your questions, comments and advice.

Steam Controller & Steam Link Review


Randomfrankp is one of my favorite Youtube channels. His Steam Controller & Steam Link review video is very detailed and could be helpful for anyone who thinks about buying these products. He plays Grand Theft Auto: V and Rocket League using Steam Link and he talks about pros and cons for Steam Controller.

Steam Controller Unbox And First Impressions


LevelCapGaming Youtube channel is one of the best gaming Youtube channels. In this video, they are reviewing Valve’s latest Steam products.  You can find a side by side comparison of keyboard & mouse vs Steam Controller for Battlefield 4. This video also includes gameplays for Dead Space 3, Portal 2, Besiege and CS:GO with Steam Controller.

Steam Controller First Impressions


In this video, boogie2988 tells his first impressions after using Steam Controller about 30 minutes. He unboxes it, plays Pac-Man and Rocket League with Steam Controller and he makes some detailed comments about it. Boogie2988 says that he loved the “analog touchpad” but button placement could be better. Watch this short video to learn about his first impressions about Steam Controller.

Steam Controller and Steam Link are Awesome??


This review video comes from Gnoggin Youtube channel. He prepared a detailed review video for both Steam Controller and Steam Link. Does Steam Link have lagging problem? How does Steam Controller work for strategy games? Which games are best to play with Steam Controller? In this video, you can find answers to your questions.

Steam Link & Steam Controller Review + Demo


Gadget Friendly Youtube channel published a 20 minute review video for Steam Link and Steam Controller. He plays DOTA 2, CS:GO and Rocket League to demonstrate Steam’s new technology with all aspects. You can also learn to setup Steam Link step by step, in this video. If you think about buying Steam Controller or Steam Link, this review will help you to decide.

Will the Steam Controller Replace Your Keyboard and Mouse?


Josh from GameSpot Youtube channel, spent some time with Steam Controller and shared his opinions about it. He also shows how to configure Steam Controller and he plays Dark Souls 2, CS:GO, Bioshock Infinite, Kernel Space Program, Starcarft 2 and Tomb Raider with it.

Valve Steam Controller and Steam Link Overview


This Steam Link and Steam Controller review comes from “pcper” Youtube channel. This is a 17 minute detailed video review and you will learn everything about Steam’s new products. He plays Bioshock Infinite and Rocket League with Steam Controller and also gives valuable feedback.