Best Office Chair for Long Hours and Good Posture

Product NameAdjustable FeaturesPros & ConsPrice
Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair* Seat Height
* Seat Depth
* Arms
* Back Angle
* Headrest
* Lumbar Support
+ Highly adjustable
+ Headrest
+ Great design
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Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair* Seat Height
* Seat Depth
* Arms
+ 3 sizes to choose
+ 12 years warranty
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Herman Miller Embody Chair* Seat Height
* Seat Depth
* Backrest
* Arms
+ 12 years warranty
+ Great design
- No headrest
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Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair* Seat Height
* Seat Depth
* Back
* Arms
+ Livelumbar technology
+ Thermal comfort
- No headrest
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Steelcase Gesture Chair* Seat Height
* Seat Depth
* Arms
* Back Stop
+ 3D LiveBack technology
+ 360 Arms feature
- No headrest
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If you work or game for long hours on your computer, you realize your posture and comfort is one of the best important things. You spend most of your time on your computer and a bad chair or a bad sitting position may affect your body, cardiovascular health, and your entire life.  You can click this link to learn more about spine health, posture and brain connection.

Working or gaming on a good chair will increase blood circulation, support your spine and fit your body’s needs. There are so many desk chair brands and models so it may seem hard to choose the best office chair for long hours and good posture. Therefore, we have created a detailed guide to help you to choose the best ergonomic office chair for your spine and brain health.

In this guide, you will find a roadmap to choosing your new desk chair for long hours of working or gaming. We have made a deep research on Reddit, forums, user reviews, and many other useful sites. On top of the page, you may find the most popular desk chairs for long hours and better posture. Then, you may find detailed reviews of these chairs. After that, we have explained all crucial things like adjustability, comfort, price, durability, material quality, movement capabilities, looks and any other things. Let’s get to the work now!

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair is one of the best desk chairs you can buy. This is a really quality office chair which is specifically intended for those who will use it for more than five hours a day. It has back angle adjustment with 3 positions setting or you can use the tension control adjustment to recline or sit up straight. Adjustable seat height, seat depth, back height, back angle, lumbar support, arm height and more features make this desk chair a perfect choice for using long hours.

There is a mechanism to keep your back in contact with the backrest while avoiding pressure behind your knees. You may raise or lower it so your forearms rest comfortably while typing at a computer or working at your desk. This chair comes with black, blue, green, gray, orange and red color options and it is made of metal and polyester. Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair is a great desk chair to check out.

Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair

Herman Miller Aeron is another great choice for buying a comfortable desk chair. It comes in 3 sizes A, B and C refer to Small, Medium and Large. Easy-to-make adjustments let you tune Aeron to fit your body. It is designed to keep your spine fully aligned with spine and sacral region support. Kinematic Tilt technology mimics your hips, knees, and ankles so your body reclines fluidly.

When it comes to the material, it comes with Pellicle suspension mesh to distribute weight appropriately in order to eliminate pressure points and heat buildup. It has a high, wide, contoured back and this really helps to take the pressure off your lower spine. You can adjust its arms, Herman Miller Aeron has a really sophisticated look and you should definitely consider this one before buying a desk chair.

Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller Embody is one of the best desk chairs you can buy for sitting long hours and maintaining good posture. This chair is designed to enchant your health, improve focus and provide ergonomic support for anyone sits more than 4 hours a day. It’s seat and backrest respond to your body’s movements and prevent heat buildup. It is made of 100 percent polyester textile. With back fit adjustment feature, it can align with your spine’s natural curve which is very important for maintaining good posture.

There are so many positive reviews on Reddit, Amazon and other forums about this chair. Adjustable seat depth, adjustable arms, adjustable height, soft arm pads, carpet casters, tilt limiter and many more features make this chair a good choice but I have to say it is not a cheap one. It has no headrests and this is a con for people with neck issues. But if you want to have a quality back chair and you are not on a budget, you should definitely consider Herman Miller Embody as your new desk chair.

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

Steelcase Leap is the no.1 selling ergonomic chair of Steelcase brand. It has built with a technology called “Liveback” and this technology allows the chair to mimic natural spine shape during long working hours. It can change its shape to adapt any body shape. Steelcase Leap has adjustable lumbar support, armrests, height, seat depth, lower back and upper back support. It is built with a special foam in the back and seat and this allows the chair to breathe during long hours.

Steelcase Leap seems and feels heavy duty and well made. It rolls easily and with lots of adjustments, you can adjust it to fit perfectly to your needs. There are five recline angels you can choose if you want to use “backstop” feature or you can just leave it as is to mimic your movements. Steelcase Leap is one of my favorite desk chairs and you should read Amazon user reviews for more information.

Steelcase Gesture Chair

Steelcase Gesture claims to be the first office chair designed to support a greater range of today’s technologies. To create a comfortable desk chair, Steelcase conducted a global posture study with more than 2000 participants and they developed a technology to provide healthy posture and seating solutions.  It is designed for long-term usage (more than 8 hours a day) and it supports nearly all user sizes.

You can easily adjust it with two intuitive controls; front and back knobs to adjust seat height, seat depth, back tension and more. Steelcase Gesture comes with a technology named “3D LiveBack” to mimic natural spine movement and support to user’s back, seat and arms in all postures. This chair’s armrests moves like the human arm to support users in all positions. The seat has air pockets and these provide you a comfortable, cool sitting experience. I would really recommend you to check out Steelcase Gesture’s price and reviews.

How to Choose a Desk Chair?

ergonomic office chair for long hoursI work 8-10 hours a day on my computer. When my work is done, I also play games, watch movies and kill time on my computer too. If your lifestyle is like me (I know it is), it means you spend most of your day sitting on an office chair. So if you decide to buy a new desk chair for your overall health, you should choose it carefully. There are a few important things you need to consider for this process.

Must-Have Features and Material Quality

Your body is the most important thing you have in your life and you should care it well. It may cost you more but you need to buy a quality office chair to prevent future neck and back problems. You should look for a chair with at least a lumbar support, seat depth adjustment, a free float tilt mechanism, adjustable headrest, and armrests. And of course, a warranty of at least 5 years will be a good choice.

herman miller office chair

Here is a shortlist. For better posture and long hours of usage, your new desk chair should have these features;

  • Head and neck support (if you have neck issues)
  • Adjustable lumbar support for correct posture
  • Soft, adjustable armrests
  • Reclining back mechanism
  • A seat pan with dense
  • Preventing extra pressure on upper back and hip
  • A five-point base with casters
  • Small-cell foam padding
  • A warranty of at least 5 years

Material quality and/or type is really depending on how much you want to spend on your new chair. But in general, the mesh is ideal for long hours of usage as it allows your body to breath during hours of sitting. The material shouldn’t be too stiff or too tight. It should provide enough support but not extra pressure.


Your body is unique. Your height, weight and body type is different from any person. For that reason, you need to buy an adjustable desk chair and you should “adjust” it to meet your needs. So which parts of a chair should be adjustable?

adjustable office chair for good posture

Adjustable Back: Adjustable back is a must for any quality office chair. When seated, you should be able to lock out the chair’s back at any angle you want or leave it reclining. You should also be able to adjust the lumbar support’s height to fit into your lower back curve and prevent you from slouching.

Adjustable Seat Height: Each desk has a different height so many chairs offer a choice of height cylinders. Your neck, eyes, shoulders, and arms should feel comfortable at the height you use the chair.

Adjustable Arms: It is a plus if your new office chair has adjustable arms. Your arms should feel comfortable while using a computer to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome or any other discomfort.

Adjustable headrest: If you have neck issues like me, you should definitely choose a desk chair with headrest. When using your computer for long hours, a chair with adjustable headrest can provide support for your head and can reduce the weight your neck must support.

How to Correctly Sit on a Desk Chair?

Before buying a new office chair, we need to know how to sit on a desk chair correctly. To avoid back pain either now or in the future, you need first adjust the height and back position. You need to be sure about your back is well supported with your hips pressed against the back of your chair. Your feet should be flat on the floor or you could use a footrest too. Your wrists and forearms should go straight out in front of you. You should put your screen an arm’s length away and your eyes should center the screen.  You can use this guide for further information about sitting correctly on a computer chair.