Nintendo Switch Game Buying Guide

Nintendo Switch is the fastest selling game console of all time. Switch owners love their console and all they want is new, fun and non-expensive games. As a Nintendo Switch owner, you can just go to the Nintendo eShop and buy the newest game, download it and play it to see if it is fun. This may cause a waste of time and money because as of January 2018, Nintendo Switch eShop does not have a rating system for games. So you can’t see if a game is loved or hated by players who bought it. We all know that Nintendo eShop games are not so cheap and it would be better if you read reviews, watch Youtube videos to find out about the game.

So, you made a deep research on the internet and you decide on the game you want to buy. You go to the Nintendo eShop and the price of the game is “just” $59.99. Maybe you don’t want to pay full price for this game and you will wait for a discount. Unfortunately, as of January 2018, Nintendo Switch eShop doesn’t have a feature like Steam to notify you when the game is at discount. The only thing you need to do is check Nintendo eShop every day to see whether the game is at discount or not. So frustrating, right?

I own a Nintendo Switch and finding and buying great games at discount was a problem for me. So I wanted to create a Nintendo Switch game buying guide for other Switch owners to help them save their time and money. In this guide, I will talk about a few ways to find great games for Nintendo Switch. After that, I will tell you how to find Nintendo Switch games at discount and get notified about Nintendo Switch game deals. Let’s get to the work.

Nintendo Switch Game Buying Guide Infographic

How to Find Great Games for Nintendo Switch

With Nintendo Switch’s popularity, many game studios released great new games for Switch. You can play awesome AAA games like DOOM, Skyrim, L.A. Noire, Fifa 18 and many more. There are also Nintendo Exclusives like Zelda BOTW, Super Mario Oddysey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Mariokart Deluxe 8 and others. Nintendo Switch is one of the best platforms for indie games too. You can play Super Meat Boy, Stardew Valley, Axiom Verge, Steam World Dig 2 and more other great “Nindie” titles. If you want to find more Nintendo Switch games in Nintendo eShop, there are a few review sites, Youtube channels, and subreddits.


Metacritic’s Nintendo Switch Section

As you know, Metacritic is one of the most popular websites on game ratings and reviews. They have a daily-updated Nintendo Switch section too. You can find the newest Switch titles and also sort all Switch games by user ratings, Metacritic ratings or date. For each Nintendo Switch game, there are mini or detailed reviews from gaming authorities and users. There is detailed information for each game about its awards, ranking, game trailers, gameplay videos and developer team. I would definitely recommend checking its Metacritic page before buying any Nintendo Switch game.

Metacritic Nintendo Switch Section
You can sort all Nintendo Switch games by user rating, Metacritic rating or date.

Reddit Nintendo Switch Subreddit

Reddit is one of the biggest sites on the internet and of course, they have a great subreddit for Nintendo Switch. As of January 2018, Nintendo Switch subreddit has more than 450.000 subscribers. For nearly every Switch game. there are reviews, gameplay videos, Q&A posts, videos, and discussions. There are AMA (Ask Me Anything) posts where game developers answer questions about their games. You can also check out game recommendations, search the game you want to know about or you can just start a discussion and ask a question about that particular game.

Nintendo Switch Subreddit
You can find information, reviews, discussions, recommendations, videos, and deals for Nintendo Switch games in r/NintendoSwitch.

OpenCritic’s Nintendo Switch Section

OpenCritic is a review aggregator for video games. They gather game reviews from across the internet and bundle them for easy browsing. OpenCritic has a great section for Nintendo Switch games. You can sort all these games by date, rating or filter them as their genres and release status. For each Nintendo Switch game, OpenCritic shows its news, reviews, scores, trailers, and screenshots on a single page. It would be a really good thing to check out any game’s OpenCritic page before buying it.

OpenCritic Nintendo Switch
OpenCritic’s Nintendo Switch section provides every information you need before buying the game.

GameSpot’s Nintendo Switch Section

GameSpot is a good information source for Nintendo Switch owners. You can get notified about newest Switch games or software updates. They also have a separate section for Nintendo Switch games where they share both GameSpot’s reviews and user ratings. It is an easy to use tool where you can filter the games by their average ratings, themes, genres, publishers, developers, and other details. You can follow games to get notified of news or updates for that particular game. They also have guides for some Nintendo Switch games like Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

GameSpot Nintendo Switch Section
GameSpot has updated news, reviews, ratings, videos and guides for each Nintendo Switch game.

Nintendo Switch eShop Free Demos

If you don’t want to just read or watch reviews, there are playable demos for several Nintendo Switch games. You may not find demos for AAA games but some games like Rayman Legends and Pokken Tournament DX have playable demos on the Nintendo Switch eShop. If you want to see all free demos for Nintendo Switch, you should go to Nintendo eShop on your Switch and click “Games with demos” from the Search section. Click this link to see all Nintendo Switch demos.


Nintendo Switch Playable Demos
In Nintendo eShop, you may find the playable demo for the game you want to buy.

Video Reviews and Gameplay Videos for Switch Games

I think the best way to choosing a Nintendo Switch game is watching gameplay videos for that game. It shows game’s graphics, performance, ambiance and many other details. There are great Youtube channels for Nintendo Switch owners. They review games, notify us about newest titles and updates. Below, I will list a few Youtube channels for Nintendo Switch gamers. These channels are informative and so much fun to follow. If you want to buy a Switch game, just search for that game on these Youtube channels and you will definitely find a great review or gameplay video.
I recommend all Nintendo Switch owners to follow these Youtube channels below.

SwitchForce | SwitchPlanet | Marc The Geek | Nintendo Life | GameXplain | The Wulff Den | Spawn Wave | FILIP | Arlo | Nintendo Voice Chat | Nintendo Official Youtube Channel

How to Buy Nintendo Switch Games at Discount

There are tons of games on Nintendo eShop and if you want to buy a good game, generally you need to pay between $9.99 – $59.99 and there are no free games on Nintendo Switch eShop (yet) like App Store or Google Play. If you don’t want to spend much for one game, you can prefer indie games which are cheaper than AAA games. You can buy Nintendo Switch games when they are at discount but it is hard to track their price every day using eShop only. Now, I will tell a few ways for buying Switch games at discount without getting lost on the internet. Let’s get to the work. For Switch Game Prices Based on Region

Nintendo Switch eShop game prices vary region to region. You can change your region on Nintendo account and buy games from any eShop. But it is hard to change regions for every Nintendo Switch game when you want to check its price. There is an awesome website named which is created by Charley D. This website gets region-based prices for any Nintendo Switch game and compares them to each other. You can pick a game and see its lowest (highlighted in green) and highest (highlighted in red) eShop price in USD (or any other currency). All you need to do is change your region to the cheapest eShop price and buy the game with your credit card. PayPal and Nintendo eShop Balance may cause payment problems but in my experience, I had no problems with credit card payment.

Nintendo Switch eShop Prices Region Comparement
You can compare prices of Nintendo Switch games based on their region.

Nintendo Switch eShop “Games on Sale” Section

Yes, I know you know the “Games on Sale” section of the Nintendo Switch eShop but I should mention it. You can go to the Nintendo eShop on your Switch and select the “Games on Sale” section for discounted games. Remember that this section is usually different for every other region. So you can change your Nintendo account region to see other eShop discounts. If you want to learn how to change region on Nintendo Switch, here is a great article that teaches it. I think Nintendo will let us set notifications for game discounts but now, you need to visit Games on Sale section every day … unless you use the as I mentioned above.

Nintendo Switch Games on Sale
Visit Nintendo Switch eShop and go to the Games on Sale section to find out which games are at discount.

Nintendo Switch Deals Subreddit From Reddit

Reddit is one of the best communities for Nintendo Switch gamers. Along with r/NintendoSwitch, there is a great subreddit named Nintendo Switch Deals. In this subreddit, you will get notified of newest discounts. These include eShop deals, region-based deals and other game deals from Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target and more. You can also find deals for Nintendo Switch console and its accessories or bundles. I definitely recommend following r/NintendoSwitchDeals to any Switch owner.

Reddit Nintendo Switch Deals
Reddit’s Nintendo Switch Deals subreddit is one of the best places you can know about games at discount.

Game Deals on Amazon, Walmart, Target and Game Stop

If you want to buy a physical copy of the game, you can buy it from Amazon, Walmart, Target, Game Stop or any other e-commerce site. On and some other sites, you can also find digital versions of Nintendo Switch games. I recommend checking these websites for Nintendo Switch games at a discount because these sellers can make discounts on particular games at different times. You can also check out pre-owned Switch games (especially single player games) and buy them at a discount. Here are Nintendo Switch game links from these shops; | Game Stop | Walmart | eBay

Nintendo Switch Games Walmart
You can find Switch Games on Amazon, Walmart, Target, and eBay at discount.

So, this was my guide to finding great Nintendo Switch games at great prices. If you have other strategies or recommendations, please share them by using the comment section below.